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Hook up car amp in house told me that I can modify the power supply to get what I want, he said I can use another power supply which I already have and connect the positive wire from one PS to the negative of the other or something like that, I didn't understand well. If you're running two subs from one amp, hook each up separately. The only thing you have to worry about is if it provides enough power for your particular amp. Wear hearing protection when adjusting the amp's settings.

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If I add the capacitor, I can connect a ground from the capacitor to the power converter and another from the capacitor to the amp right? Share Share on Facebook. Cover the joint with electrical tape. Snake them through the car in the same way you did the power wire, but do it on the opposite side of the vehicle. If you have an old computer, you can take the power supply out of that.

The speakers attached to the amp are making a thumping sound like "pop pop," hook up car amp in house it's picking up current draining.

Once you have the paperclip in place, it thinks you've installed it in a computer and will turn on when you plug it in and flip the switch. Then sit back and enjoy some nice, indoor bass.

So just get a two in one red and white RCA cable at walmart and online dating sites for tweens it in and you're set.

If the radio is good, it could be a bad speaker. Choose something strong and clean sounding. Luckily every PSU has a large sticker on the side listing its max current ratings in amps for each voltage rail. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Then try playing a song with some bass and you should hear it coming out the sub. For example, many new aftermarket car stereos will play discs burned with MP3 files, so you can hook up car amp in house hours of music on a disc and let it play all day. Home Audio Print Edit Send fan mail hook up car amp in house authors. Loosen the screws, slide the wires underneath and then tighten down the set screws.

Purchase an AC to DC power inverter. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Start with a pilot hole and then work your way up to a size that will fit your wire.

Car Radios and Sound Systems. First you need 12V power like in your car to power the amp so you need a cheap computer power supply aka PSU. Now stick one end in the main power connector's green wire hole and dating social networking sites free the other end into any black wire's hole.

Find the specification for current draw in amperes. See the attached image for an example. Set equalizers to their center, or neutral, position if you have them. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Make sure you know how to reactivate your radio before doing this, if your radio has a security system.

The 24pin Header will only go in one way. Put in a CD with music that you are familiar with. Install an inline fuse holder for the power line 18 inches 46 cm or fewer from the battery terminal connection.

What you could do instead is locate your fuse box and find a fuse that turns on when you turn the key in your car. If you could explain usin these thatd be awesome.

While your key and radio is on, disconnect and connect the remote wire to the amp. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them?

How do I know if my fuse is blown or if my amp is wired incorrectly? First find the online dating pick up line wattage rating of your amp. So if you could make it a lil easier to understand thatd be great. Not Helpful 0 Hook up car amp in house 1. If any one knows plz tell me how to do it and what i hook up car amp in house to do it!! However, if you're asking about the wires from the vehicle, it will depend on the hook up car amp in house. Put a rubber grommet in the hole to keep the wire from chaffing.

Car stereos are compact, powerful and offer many features. Fold out the paperclip so it's like one big arc like a narrow C shape. You'll need to identify the wires on the car stereo's wire harness to connect to the correct ones.

Repeat this process for the input gain, and then with all the other components. Answer this question Flag as Then cover the end of the shorter black wire with electrical tape also. Look at the adapter and make sure it transfers your AC volts into a or Run the power wire to hook up car amp in house battery. The only time you should see a voltage reading is if you're measuring from a battery positive source and ground. Start from the interior of the car, and make sure the wire won't get pinched or caught on anything.

He gave a link in one of his posts. Posted on Friday, July 01, - If yours is buried under the carpet or run nicely under your back seat because your amp is far from your sub, don't rip it out.

Cookies make wikiHow better. Car stereos are also rugged, so they're a great choice for a spot like a workshop or a garage. Find the red, yellow, and black wires on the car stereos wiring harness. This is called "line input. Now strip the yellow wire and the black wire next to it so there's about a quarter inch of metal exposed. They're only a few dollars at most stores. You can put it through an empty rubber grommet in a factory hole.

Sources and Citations http: Shoudl i mod a pc power supply, and wheres the guides for this you are tlking of????? It is best canadian online dating site reviews install it as close as possible to the connection.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 1. Posted on Friday, September 02, - Plug the power supply into the wall and switch it on. Well all you have to do is trick it. After all, there's plenty of good home stereo equipment available. Make sure the inverter can produce a volt DC output at the specified amperage rating. Edit Article How to Install a Car Completely free sex dating sites Correctly installing an amplifier is not particularly easy, but it is an important part of getting a quality sound and avoiding technical mishaps.

Have you taken your subwoofer out for the winter or just have a spare one and want to hook it up to your computer hook up car amp in house home theater? Make sure it's long enough to reach from your computer to your amp though.

Now you need to attach the amp to the sub. What do I do? Installing an amp can be done without the help of a professional, allowing you to get great sound without an installation fee.

Did this article help you? The only thing you have to worry about is if it provides enough power for your particular amp. Video of the Day. As for the black wire next to the red one, cut about two inches of that wire off and strip both ends to make a short with the red wire even less likely and also because you need a spare 2 inch wire later.

Posted on Thursday, September 08, - Thanks for letting us know. It really hook up car amp in house well, sounds good and all but the power isn't enough, you see my amplifier requires 12V 15A but the power supply only gives 12V 7A.

If you've got american free dating site 100 free car amplifier you'd like to use in your home, there's one major obstacle to overcome: Tip Make sure that the power wires don't touch the terminal next to them on the amp or you'll create a massive short that can spark and start fires.

Cookies make wikiHow better. Now divide that by 12 as in 12 volts and you get 25 amps. Pass the power wire through the firewall. Turn up the deck's volume until you hear distortion, and set it just below that level.

Now all the yellow wires using the wire strippers, strip them approximately 1 inch 2. Take that fuse out, wrap the remote wire around it, and connect it back where it was. Warnings Never 100 percent free muslim dating sites inside a car's parts unless you know exactly where the drill bit is going.

The blue wire is actually the spare 2 inch black one you cut before, I just made it blue to distinguish it better. Now you're all set. Once you've reconnected it, turn the vehicle on and check to see if your amp turned on. Posted on Sunday, October 16, - Is there anything else I can use to get the power I need?

Connect speakers to the stereo. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 5. In other words, do not mount it hook up car amp in house a metal surface. Follow these steps to hook up car amp in house connect your car stereo to your home power supply. See the attached picture for an example of the correct connector.

Posted on Saturday, September 17, - The amp should turn on. It can be connected to the hook up car amp in house battery side hook up car amp in house somewhere metal in the car. Run your RCA cables and remote turn-on lead remote turn on lead is the blue wire with white line from the back of the head unit to the amp. Car Radios and Sound Systems In other languages: You'll have to do a little extra wiring, but the problem is not insurmountable.

If I add a capacitor do you think that will help, I have a 2 farad? If there is no available hole, use a power drill and steel bits to drill one. Do I need an an aerial to receive good reception? Well no problem, it's really simple and surprisingly inexpensive. Posted on Monday, October 17, - This will prevent noise in the system.

Loosen the REM terminal of the amplifier with a screwdriver. Depending on year and model of PSU, there may have different color wires. Find one of the lines with four pin, white molex connectors and then find the last connector on the chain.

Situate these wires away from the power wires.

Connecting the Stereo Jul 28,  · Watch video · So you plug your 12V car amp into it. Then depending on the amp you'll need to supply a small amount of voltage to the amps' blue remote power-on wire. This is only big enough for the smallest car amplifiers. A typical car stereo can power four speakers (two front and two rear). You'll need to identify the wires on the car stereo's wire harness to connect to the correct ones. To hook up two front stereo speakers, connect the white/black and white wires to the left speaker, and the gray/black and gray wires to the right speaker. First you need 12V power like in your car to power the amp so you need a cheap computer power supply (aka PSU). You could buy a 12 volt power source that's built just to output 12V power but they're about $ on up.

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